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EAA's in sports!

At Athletic Supplements we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our performance and recovery. In recent years, one particular supplement has garnered a lot of attention: essential amino acids (EAA's) . These amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play a critical role in supporting muscle growth, recovery and overall athletic performance. In this article we would like to shed light on the benefits of EAA's in sports and take a closer look at our own product, "EAA Mango" from Athletic Supplements.

EAA's : The building blocks of success in sport

The essential amino acids (EAA's) are a group of nine amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and therefore must obtain from food or dietary supplements. These nine amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and histidine. At Athletic Supplements we are convinced of the many advantages that EAA's offer for athletes:

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS): Leucine, one of the nine EAA's , is a known trigger for muscle protein synthesis. Taking EAA's , especially leucine, before or after exercise can help increase muscle protein synthesis, which can lead to faster muscle growth.

Recovery: EAA's are known to shorten recovery time after intense exercise. They can reduce muscle soreness and accelerate muscle tissue repair. During intense workouts, the body may look for amino acids to meet its energy needs. EAA's provide an additional source of amino acids to minimize muscle breakdown during exercise. This is especially important if you're aiming to maintain or build muscle.

Energy and Endurance: Certain EAA's , such as valine and isoleucine, are BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) that support energy production during exercise and can delay fatigue. EAA's can help improve the absorption of water and electrolytes into muscle cells. This is important for maintaining optimal muscle function and hydration during exercise.

Immune System: EAA's also play a role in strengthening the immune system, which helps athletes protect themselves from illness and infection.

Our EAA Mango Passion blend : The ideal choice for athletes

At Athletic Supplements we have recognized how important EAA's are for our target group. That's why we developed our own product: the "EAA Mango". Here are some reasons why our EAA Mango should be considered:

Full Spectrum EAA's : Our EAA Mango Passion contains all nine essential amino acids the body needs to support muscle growth and recovery.

Taste and solubility: Our mango flavoring makes the product not only tasty, but also easily soluble. It is pleasant to drink and ideal for use before, during or after training.

Free of additives: At Athletic Supplements we value quality and purity. Our EAA Mango contains no unnecessary additives, preservatives or unnecessary fillers.

At Athletic Supplements we are convinced that EAA's are a valuable supplement for your athletic performance and regeneration. Taking essential amino acids can not only promote muscle growth and recovery, but also improve energy and endurance during exercise. Our EAA Mango blend offers a high-quality and tasty option for athletes who want to benefit from the benefits of EAA's .

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