Protein Eistee

Protein iced tea with 8g protein per serving!

A refreshing protein iced tea with Athletic Supplements' unique lemon flavor. This delicious drink combines the hydrating properties of tea with the beneficial effects of essential amino acids. Enjoy a refreshing sip to invigorate yourself while supporting your protein intake.




  1. Boil 500 ml of water and prepare a strong black tea by steeping the tea bag for about 5 minutes. Then let the tea cool down.

  2. Pour the cooled tea into a mug.

  3. 1 scoop of EAA's Iced Tea Lemon from Athletic Supplements and stir the powder into the tea until it is completely dissolved.

  4. If desired, add a tablespoon of honey or sweetener of your choice and stir again.

  5. Add ice cubes to quickly chill the iced tea.

  6. Optionally, you can add lemon slices to give the drink a fresh touch.

  7. Stir everything well and let the iced tea steep in the fridge for a while so that the flavors can develop well.

Nutritional information for one glass (approx. 250 ml):

  • Calories: 45 kcal
  • Protein: 8g
  • Carbohydrates: 1.9g
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • EAAs: 12g

Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of protein iced tea with Athletic Supplements EAA's Iced Tea Lemon. Not only does this drink combine the invigorating taste of lemon with the benefits of essential amino acids, but it also offers a delicious way to boost your protein intake. Whether after training or as a refreshing companion in everyday life - this protein iced tea is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also an ideal supplement to your diet.

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