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Protein shake before or after training?

What is better? When should you ideally consume your protein shake!

Protein shakes are a inherent part many training routines, be it for Muscle building, regeneration or general fitness . But the question remains: should you protein shake or after training consume? This debate has both supporters and opponents on both sides. Let's look at them We'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of pre- and post-workout protein shakes to help you decide what's best for your individual fitness goals.

Pre-workout protein shake:


  1. Energy and performance: Consuming a protein shake before training can give you extra energy to train more intensely and improve your performance.
  2. Muscle protein synthesis: Studies have shown that consuming protein before exercise can improve muscle protein synthesis, which can lead to more effective muscle building.
  3. Prevention of muscle loss: Pre-workout protein can help prevent muscle loss during exercise, especially during longer or more intense workouts.


  1. Digestive problems: Some people may experience digestive problems when consuming protein shakes before exercise, which can lead to discomfort during exercise.
  2. Hunger during exercise: Consuming protein shakes before a workout can make you feel hungry during a workout, especially if you take them right before a workout.

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Post-workout protein shake :


  1. Muscle regeneration: By consuming a protein shake after exercise, you can promote muscle recovery and shorten recovery time.
  2. Replenishing glycogen stores: Post-workout protein shakes can help replenish muscle glycogen stores, which is important for muscle recovery.
  3. Optimization of muscle building: Studies have shown that post-workout protein shakes can increase muscle protein synthesis, resulting in optimized muscle growth.


  1. Time Delay: Consuming a protein shake after a workout means there is a delay before your body can absorb and use the nutrients, which can lead to slower muscle building.


The decision as to whether you should consume your protein shake before or after training depends on your individual goals, training intensity and personal preferences. Some individuals find it beneficial to consume protein pre-workout to fuel energy and increase performance, while others benefit from the recovery benefits of a post-workout protein shake. Experiment with both options and find what best suits your fitness goals.

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